TRIMÉTRICA Engenharia, Lda, is company specialized in engineering consulting, namely on the several stages of design and construction supervision in civil engineering projects.

Being composed of a technical team with a vast curriculum, it is specially focused on planning and design of structural interventions, in different construction types and using modern technologies.

TRIMÉTRICA has developed a broad activity in Rehabilitation and Reinforcement planning and design, allowing deepen skills in this domain.

We have consolidated expertise in diverse projects, with special relevance for reinforced and prestressed concrete in buildings and special structures, as well as steel and timber structures.

The strong back-up team, with specialists in multiple branches, allows us to answer to a wide range of problems in engineering and architecture.


The continuous search for the quality in the services provided to its customers is TRIMÉTRICA’s mission. We look to be distinguished for the conception and study of rational and efficient solutions, which represent an asset, in a highly competitive market, such as engineering.

In TRIMÉTRICA all projects are subjected to a rigorous conception study, development and detail of the solutions design since we believe that a quality design makes the difference in a successful project.


TRIMÉTRCA’s goal is to be a company recognised by its clients and peers for is works’ quality in project development.



Fernando Domingues | civil engineer | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

José Oliveira | civil engineer


Nuno Melo | architect

Inês Rodrigues | civil engineer

Rui Oliveira | civil engineer

Susana Geraldes | civil engineer

Inês Roque | civil engineer

Gabriel de Almeida | geologist

João Oliveira | landscape architect

Francisco Alves | civil engineer

António Lopes | engineering draughtsman

José Gonçalves | civil engineer

Trimétrica Engenharia lda
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1050-097 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone Number: +351 217941255
Fax: +351 217970805

E-mail: geral [at]